Why Do We Need More Women Leaders in Utah Podcast

Research has shown that most managers and top leadership
teams do not fully realize the value of having women in key
positions, and this is the case across all sectors, including
business, government, political, nonprofit, K-12 and higher
education, religious, and community. Depending on the entity, this may include women in both paid and unpaid roles
ranging from positions such as supervisor, coordinator,
and manager, to school principal, council member, CEO, and
board director. Organizations will increasingly thrive when
both men and women hold management and leadership
roles. This is true for organizations in the U.S. and around
the world, and it is also true for organizations in Utah. Gender
inclusivity benefits not only businesses, but also entities such
as churches, state legislatures, and city councils.

Read full brief: https://www.uvu.edu/uwlp/docs/uwlpbrief2015no5.pdfhttps://archive.org/download/whywomenleaderspodcast/Why%20Women%20Leaders%20Podcast.mp3

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