Untapped Value for Utah Companies and Organizations

Utah companies and organizations that are searching for practices to improve performance will find untapped potential in attracting, retaining, promoting and empowering women within their organizations.

Research demonstrates there are a host of benefits and strengths that accompany having women in management and leadership roles. But it’s not unusual in Utah or beyond for managers and top leadership teams to not fully realize the value of having women in key positions, not as the only leaders, but as a strong leadership component of a high-scoring team.

What are these benefits? You’ve probably read about some of the benefits in the research brief published by the Utah Women and Leadership Project earlier this year. We’ll feature each category of benefits in detail over the next five weeks.

The Utah Women and Leadership Project and the Women’s Leadership Institute, which will launch publicly on May 13, are working to increase awareness of the benefits of engaging women in management and leadership roles within organizations and communities.

Follow the Utah Women and Leadership Facebook page May 13 in the evening for more about the launch of the Women’s Leadership Institute and in upcoming weeks for information that will help you strengthen your leadership capacity or provide information and tools to help you shape your organization’s future by successfully engaging more women in leadership and setting your organization up to succeed.

 Photo courtesy of YWCA.


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