The Aspirational Value of Saving for College

Think of an important young girl in your life. Maybe she’s your teenage granddaughter, your niece in first grade, or your toddler. No matter her age, chances are she’s already forming her view of college.

How do you show her that earning a college degree is an exciting challenge that will add great benefits to her life? Perhaps even more importantly, how do you show her you’re confident she will succeed?

In accord with Utah Saves Week (February 25–March 2), we’re sharing with you a great way to achieve both: by saving for her future college expenses with a Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) account.

Research shows that a child with a college savings account may be seven times more likely to pursue higher education.* It’s just one of the benefits a family receives when they save for a child’s future higher education expenses with UESP, Utah’s official, nonprofit, tax-advantaged 529 college savings program. With UESP:

Save what you can, when you can.

UESP requires no minimum deposits or balances to open an account, so families can save according to their own schedules.

Enjoy tax benefits.

Earnings on UESP accounts grow tax deferred and are federal and Utah state income-tax free when used for qualified higher education expenses such as:

  • Tuition and fees
  • Certain room and board costs
  • Required books and supplies

The funds can be used at any college, university, or trade school that participates in federal financial aid programs for students, not just at institutions in Utah. (See for a list of eligible schools.)

Utah taxpayers get a home-field advantage. Utah state income tax benefits for contributions per beneficiary can be claimed up to the amounts shown below. You may contribute more or less than the maximum Utah state income tax benefit amounts; these amounts are the maximum allowable contributions for claiming your Utah state income tax benefits.


Save with a top-ranked plan.

 UESP is consistently ranked among the nation’s top 529 plans. In 2012, UESP was one of only four plans in the country to receive Morningstar’s highest rating for 529 plans. Money magazine, CBS, and financial expert Clark Howard also praise UESP’s high quality, simplicity, and low costs.

Open a UESP account and start saving today!

For more information about UESP and to get a copy of the Program Description, visit, call 800.418.2551, or e-mail

*William Elliott III and Sondra Beverly, The Role of Savings and Wealth in Reducing “Wilt” between Expectations and College Attendance, Center for Social Development Research Brief (Washington University in St. Louis) No. 10-04 (January 2010): 2,

Important Legal Notice

The Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) is a Section 529 plan administered and managed by the Utah State Board of Regents and the Utah Higher Education Assistance Authority (UHEAA).

Read the Program Description for more information and consider all investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses before investing. Call 800.418.2551 for a copy of the Program Description or visit

Investments are not guaranteed by UESP, the Utah State Board of Regents, UHEAA, or any other state or federal agency. However, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance is provided for the FDIC-insured savings account. Please read the Program Description to learn about the FDIC-insured savings account. Your investment could lose value.

Non-Utah taxpayers and residents: You should determine whether the state in which you or your beneficiary pay taxes or live offers a 529 plan that provides state tax or other benefits not otherwise available to you by investing in UESP. You should consider such state tax treatment and benefits, if any, before investing in UESP.

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