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Too often we as women discredit the incredible value we bring to organizations, projects, families, schools, the workplace, communities, and any endeavor we’re engaged in.

In general, good things happen when women get involved.

We want to encourage more of it. There are communities to build, new ideas to develop and explore, children to inspire, civic challenges to address, companies to grow, and improvements of all sorts to be made. However you choose to use your strengths, we want to create the spark that prods you to explore a little more, dig a little deeper, and find what you have to contribute.

With that in mind, we’ve started the Utah Women and Leadership blog to provide insights, inspiration, and resources. The blog is a joint project of the Utah Women and Leadership Project (UWLP) at Utah Valley University under the direction of Dr. Susan R. Madsen and the newly created Women’s Leadership Institute (WLI) led by Pat Jones, a former Utah state senator, and Trish Hatch.

This blog will also include contributions of women leaders and influencers within the state, and we will share reports coming from nonprofits and women’s groups and networks. We hope to be as inclusive as possible.

When asked why she does this work, Dr. Madsen responded, “It’s all worth it when I learn that I have somehow helped people have better lives or find the motivation to increase their ability to make a difference in the world.”

What are you doing to develop your capacity to contribute? We hope you’ll join us regularly for helpful information, research to guide your efforts, and a little inspiration to become the best you can be. If you find it’s useful, we hope you’ll share with your friends.

You have a lot to offer, and we hope this blog can help in your sense of discovery.

To find out more about the Utah Women & Leadership Project, please visit our website.


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  1. So happy to see this blog live and happening! The lectures this far have been motivational and inspiring on so many levels! Keep up the great work!

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