Educated Woman of the Week-Melinda Nevarez

Melinda Nevarez
Graduate Student, Legal Assistant

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
University of Utah, Westminster College
B.A. English and Master of Arts in Community Leadership

Tell us about your school/work life:
I’m currently at Westminster, and I actually LIKE doing research and writing literature reviews. I never want to leave grad school. I work as a legal assistant for a solo practice attorney, and the clerk at Staples calls me his “little sidekick.” I like to play “The Hills” in the background while I write papers and file court documents.

Tell us about your life outside of school/work:
I buy too many records, nurse a slight legging addiction, hoard candles and overpriced organic wipes, and sometimes play my keyboard. My wife and I like to binge on Netflix and rescue animals.

How do you de-stress?
De-stressing is what I’m best at! I rely on a careful regimen of FRIENDS marathons, coffee, books that have nothing to do with school, and the occasional evening out. Also, yoga, swimming, and long walks with headphones on.

Are there any books or other resources that have particularly helped you reach this level of awesomeness?
Just reading in general. I read everything I can get my hands on, and I’ve always been a nerd like that. Reading is my drug of choice. Sometimes, I think of parts of books randomly and laugh out loud. Like, that line from “The Kill A Mockingbird” when Scout says, “Reckon he’s got a tapeworm?” That kills me.

how do you handle conflict resolution?
With jokes and foppish hand gestures.

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