Educated Woman of the Week- Celina Milner

Senate Candidate, Education Advocate,
Bachelor of Science, Political Science and Government, Wells College

Celina is a trusted center of influence with an extensive diversified network.  Her passion and enthusiasm live in serving the communities of her home state.  Born and raised in West Jordan, Celina’s background is in the travel and hospitality industry where she worked in various roles over 10 years bringing business conventions, conferences, and destination travelers to Salt Lake boosting the local economy.

She has also served on the board of several local non-profit organizations and educational programs which support the interests and well-being of women and children. Previously Celina was honored to serve in Mayor Ben McAdams inaugural administration with Salt Lake County as his Community Liaison aEdnd Special Projects Director.

Most recently she was the Utah Director of School Engagement for Project Lead The Way (PLTW) which is the nation’s leading provider of K-12 STEM programs which help students develop the skills necessary to succeed in our global economy. She is currently the Senate Candidate for Utah’s District 6.

In her spare time she devotes her personal efforts to organizations that focus on the empowerment of women, safety of children, and the advancement of underserved communities. She also dedicates her time to promoting civic engagement and community involvement at all levels.

How have your career passions changed over the course of your career, and how have you managed transitions?
No one goes to college to get a degree in sales but there are a lot of career opportunities related to sales.  People either love or hate sales people (same as politicians).  During the early stages of my career I avoided the sales roles because I thought it was an unpopular role but I finally accepted that sales comes very natural for me and I’m an incredible sales woman because I love to get to know people.  Selling isn’t telling.  It’s actually relationship building and getting to know your client which I loved so when I embraced that skill set my career in sales was very successful.

What do you think matters more in college: grades or networking?
Networking has been an incredible advantage for my career.  I tell people that a lot of times that it is much more important who you know than what you know.  Networking along with my photographic memory has helped me tremendously in sales and politics.

Who do you go to for support when you feel really vulnerable?
It’s difficult to reach out when you’re feeling vulnerable but that is the exact time when you need to force yourself to reach out to your trusted friends and mentors to help you through a difficult time.  I’ve been lucky to have friends that literally reach out and come searching for me when I go to quiet because they know I’m struggling.  Find trusted friends and seek mentors to get you through these times.

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