Belinda Han, Leadership Expert

Belinda S. Han
Director, The Center for the Advancement of Leadership, Utah Valley University

Briefly tell us about your academic/professional life:

Ms. Han grew up in San Diego, California as the oldest of 7 children (5 brothers and 1 sister). She moved to Lehi, Utah while in high school and graduated from Lehi High. After high school she attended Snow College and UVSC. At UVSC she was involved with ASUVSC, the Service Learning Center, and many other campus organizations. While in college Ms. Han discovered her love for the outdoors and spent several summers and winters working in the mountains (which paid her way through college). She graduated from UVSC in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and was quickly hired full time in a non-profit organization. She has spent the last several years working in the non-profit sector serving in the areas of fundraising, marketing, recruiting, training, curriculum creation, and classroom teaching. She completed a Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership at Gonzaga University in August of 2014.
Ms. Han joined the CAL team in 2011 and is working on a doctorate in Interdisciplinary Leadership at Creighton University. She has been married to Jerod Han, from Las Vegas, since 2007 and currently resides in Spanish Fork, Utah.

Briefly tell us about your life outside of School/Work:

Ms. Han loves to quilt, can food, and be outdoors. She and her husband are not able to have children, so they enjoy their 25+ nieces and nephews, as well as their three dogs that they affectionately call their “kids” – Doc (3 year old mini dachshund), Pepper (2 1/2 year old mini dachshund), and Koda (3 month old Pomeranian).

What was the greatest barrier on your path to awesomeness, and what did you do about it?

My greatest barrier was my own self-doubt and lack of self-love. Unfortunately, I did not know this was a barrier; however, others did and thank goodness for angels on my path who saw something in me that I was unable to see.

How did you know your path or decide your current path?

My path was supposed to entail 1) getting married before age 20, 2) having a bundle of children, 3) and living happily ever after with a husband who could hopefully work hard to bring home the bacon. Well, that’s not exactly how things went. When I still wasn’t married, or dating anyone seriously, at 20 I was at a loss for what I should do. Finally, around age 23 I decided I would get on track to complete a bachelor’s degree, but if a man came along I was totally willing to drop out of school to start a family. At age 26, after finishing my degree, I started a career in the nonprofit sector, always knowing it was temporary until I found a husband. At the tail end of my non-profit career I met my husband. But, he needed to complete his degree, and so I became the primary breadwinner and have continued to be so.

So, to answer the question: I DID NOT START ACTIVELY PLANNING MY LIFE until recently when I realized that just because my mom, and her mom, and her mom had children and did not complete a college degree does not mean it is the only path, nor does it mean it ought to be my path. I am learning to trust myself, my feelings, and my experiences, and my perceptions to pin point my values, strengths, and passions. As I have started this journey of authentic self discovery, I have found peace and joy in working in higher education. This led me to complete a masters degree and pursue a doctorate.

How do you de-stress?

The technique I use most often is deep, slow, thoughtful breathing. It sounds simple, but it is very effective.
However, I also like to go on drives with my partner, have nerf gun target shooting competitions with my employees, and LAUGH!

Where can we find you online?

I’m on Facebook as Belinda Stockton Han, LinkedIn , I run A Foundation Of Strength on Facebook, and@fndtnofstrngth on Twitter, then UVU CAL/ALUMNI and are for work.


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  1. I met Belinda while we both were working in the mountains. She is amazing and it is enjoyable to see how she has grown and has come to embrace all the parts of herself. Belinda may have gained knowledge during the time we “bumped” into each other, however, I did as well.
    Aho, Mitákuye Oyás’iŋ.

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